Ripples in Life

Hello everyone!
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Vialita Fitria Survanta Idham. Too long, eh? You can call me Vanta or Lita for short. I was born in Bandung 22 years ago. Currently I am in my final semester (aamiin) at Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University. Hmm, I think I’m going to tell you some stories about my life. I don’t know if you’ll be interested or not tho, hahaha. If you’re not interested, just skip ahead a few paragraph (which doesn’t leave much, really).
So, when I was born, I was premature because I was only 6.5 months old. That’s why I stayed in the hospital for 2 months. After that, well, I lived a normal life alhamdulillaah. At junior high, I took up archery. I liked it so much, but my parents preferred academics. At high school, I joined the angklung club. I think it was the busiest 2.5 years of my life. I rehearsed rigorously, but it paid off because I got chosen to join the team to participate in cultural events in Europe.
And after high school come college. I majored in psychology, which I was interested in since high school. I’m so grateful that I got the chance to study psychology, I think it is a very useful science, because it’s about us, about humans and behavior. My field of interests in psychology are Islamic psychology, marital psychology, counseling, and career counseling.
Before the 3rd semester, I got married. Whaat? Yes, I got married when I was 19 years old. I met my husband through ta’aruf. Do you know about ta’aruf? It’s kinda like Islamic matchmaking, I suppose. So I sent out my CV to a matchmaker (or perantara in Indonesian), and I read my now-husband’s CV. After that, I felt compatible with him, so we arrange a meet-up at my (parent’s) house. We got engaged a month later and we got married in June 2018 (which was 6 months after we first met).
And with that firsthand experience, I got more interested in relationship and marital psychology. Also, I realized the importance of premarital education, both psychologically and in Islam. I think it is important for individuals and couples-to-be to understand their role in marriage, responsibilities, and also to have realistic expectation and knowledge about marriage. That’s why I want to create a kind of platform about premarital education and counseling. But later tho, I think I still don’t have sufficient knowledge about it.
In relation with that, my role in Lovia / Miluv is Syariah Coaching Intern. I will be doing some campaign and sharing about the sharia or Islamic aspect of relationship. Wish me luck! I hope it will be useful for everyone in need.

For closing statement, I would like to talk about our life course as humans. Maybe you realize the same thing yourself too. Thinking back, I realized that every event, every decision I made in my life will affect my current and future life. Life would be such a different thing had I took a distinct path, different decision, or experience other events. But it wouldn’t affect just me, but also those around me. So I would liken life as that of ripples: everything we do will have an impact. On ourselves, our thoughts, behavior, our future, and even those around us. So, let’s all strive to make beneficial ripples in life.

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