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Video Publishing

Burn Video Subtitles using ffmpeg

First, prepare the original high-quality video file, and the subtitle file (VTT is recommended, but SCC, SRT, and ASS are supported).

Burn the subtitles using ffmpeg with high-quality CRF settings:

ffmpeg -i Urban\ Permaculture\ _\ Permakultur\ Perkotaan\ by\ Bandung\ Permaculture\ @\ DAAI\ TV-mOaVdKxzKQk.webm -vf subtitles='Urban Permaculture _ Permakultur Perkotaan by Bandung Permaculture @ DAAI TV-mOaVdKxzKQk.webm' -preset medium -crf 18 -c:a copy out.mkv

For embedded subtitles, -vf subtitles= should use the input video filename. For external subtitles, -vf subtitles= uses the VTT/SCC/SRT filename.

Why not Handbrake? Although Handbrake has a GUI, setting the output to match source is confusing. ffmpeg makes the process stable and is faster to do.

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