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Confidence in KTP-OCR using Pytesseract

In previous blog, we already learn how to crop an image Then we will learn how to got confidence using pytesseract, After much searching, there was some some ways to got confidence in my KTP-OCR. Pytesseract give us a lot of syntax that can we use, such as :

#this line of code will extract your image into string

# Batch processing with a single file containing the list of multiple image file paths print(pytesseract.image_to_string('images.txt'))

# Get information about orientation and script detection 

And many others, to got the confidence, pythesseract already give line of code, it was:

text1 = pytesseract.image_to_data('test.png'))

This line of code will output confidence, boxes on image, page number, line number, etc. This code give us the confidence each word not each line, so i will change it then we will got the confidence each line.

text = text1[text1.conf != -1]
lines = text.groupby('block_num')['text'].apply(list)
conf = text.groupby(['block_num'])['conf'].mean()


the output would be like this:

and if u want to see the box the boxes of text on the image, just use this code:

n_boxes = len(text1['text'])
for i in range(n_boxes):
    if int(text1['conf'][i]) > 60:
        (x, y, w, h) = (text1['left'][i], text1['top'][i], text1['width'][i], text1['height'][i])
        img = cv2.rectangle(img, (x, y), (x + w, y + h), (0, 255, 0), 2)


here some source that might help:

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