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Firhan Maulana Rusli

Still thinking about how to manage time between work, prayer and collage in this ramadhan

Maximizing KTP-OCR Performance using Regular Expression

Regular expression (or RE) specifies a set of strings that matches it; the functions in this module let you check if a particular string matches a given regular expression (or if a given regular expression matches a particular string, which comes down to the same thing). we will maximize the performance of KTP-OCR using RE. …

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Getting Cordinate and Cropping an Image with OpenCV

OpenCV is popular library for computer vision. OpenCV is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV was built to provide a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate the use of machine perception in the commercial products. OpenCV uses machine learning to detect object/faces in picture. for detecting face, …

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KTP-OCR in Python using Pytesseract

KTP-OCR is an open source python package that attempts to create a production grade KTP extractor. The aim of the package is to extract as much information as possible yet retain the integrity of the information. For example, we will upload the photo first like this: And after u upload the photo the system will …

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Try to Setup Nsfw.JS

So for this chance i will tell u a little bit about my experiance, i still on going to setup NSFW.js, but before we going to describing about my experiance i will tell a little bit about “what is nsfw means”. What is NSFW? The acronym NSFW stands for “not safe for work.” When used correctly, NSFW is a …

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BPMN Workflow Automation

In 23 th April 2020 I’m just following Global Online Conferences held by Camunda. There was a lot of section held there, so it takes two days to take place. But unfortunately im just following 2 section with the section title “Reinventing Process Automation for the Digital Enterprise” and “500+ Processes and Counting…Managed workflow platform …

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